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Wednesday, 09 August 2006



The crazy thing about all of this security chaos appears to be the variance between one country and another. When the security alert broke last week I was on a yacht in Turkey, blissfully unaware of any of this. Then the captain was handed a Turkish paper by a passing boat and he read out all of the details and the required measures we would have to take when we flew back on the Sunday just gone.

We were told, no hand luggage whatsoever, including books or magazine, no liquids, all electronic goods, including iPods laptops, keys, etc to be placed in our main baggage to be placed in the hold.

However, when we arrived at the airport, (Dalaman), we were not asked about any of the above, although we had already adhered to the instructions and had no hand baggage, etc. The check-in was the smoothest I have experienced in years even with the added security and we boarded the aircraft on time and without queueing.

But other passengers came on board with hand luggage, iPods, laptops and Duty Free goods.

So these unilateral security instructions appear to be translated in all sorts of various ways depending on where you are in the world and who you are travelling with.

Scott Ahlsmith CTC

Thank you for the updated information, Colin.

My take-away is that you can bring anything you want into the UK, but when you depart, it better be stored in your checked baggage.

Given MI5's recent string of successes, they seem to be saying, "Bring it on! If you dare bring explosives into the UK, we'll find and arrest you."

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