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Sunday, 13 August 2006



What a great idea. I am "stuck" to my iPod. I use it daily for podcasts and never thought of using it as a DJ replacement.

My wife tells me constantly, "you'll die with that b---dy thing stuck in your ear".

So what next? iPod funeral marches? No more dismal, doomy dirges. Now we can have am rockin' in the aisles with Dylan's "Knockin' on Heaven's Door", or perhaps Zepplins' "Stairway to Heaven". But more likely in my case - ACDC's "Highway To Hell"!!

Scott Ahlsmith CTC

So, Colin, how did you survive the flight from Turkey to the UK with you iPod stored in your checked baggage?

In-flight audio's just not the same once you've flown with an iPod.

. . . spend a moment in their ears and stay forever on their minds.

Cara Fletcher

If there were such weddings my boyfriend would be married to his iPod too.The only thing he is not doing with it is to sleep with it.And thank God.

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