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Tuesday, 22 August 2006


Colin Maddocks

Wow, cheeky monkey! Just shows you, if there's a way to exploit somthing someone will always find a way. A number of years ago, in one of our "bricks and mortar" travel agency shops we had enormous telephone bills that we could not explain. This went on for a number of months so we set about, with the help of the branch manager, trying to "catch" the culprit. Turned out that it was, in fact, the manager herself! We terminated her employment at once but not until we had lost a lot of money on phone calls she had made to her boyfriend and family. Much like the lady described in the article. Luckily we have not suffered from anything similar since then. But often you dont' know you've been defrauded until its' too late.


There will always be unscrupulous employees who will look for and find loopholes and take advantage of them. What is unfortunate is when companies discontinue the benefits for all because of the misuse of them by a few!

Scott Ahlsmith, CTC

Part of this issue involves what I call "realistic" benefits. No cruise line needs to discontinue free of discounted cruise benefits for their employees; they just need to apply some "realistic" constraints to those benefits.

If a cruise line allows employees to take unlimited or an unrealistic number of free or discounted cruises, they deserve the outcome.

Moderation, not discontinuation, is required here.


To all cruise enthusiasts, I am so excited about our forthcoming cruise, I just have to tell everyone about it.
We have been on many cruises in the past with many different cruise lines, so we know what to expect, but not quite like the one we have just booked to go on with Silversea Cruises. After speaking to a couple of friends that have cruised with Silversea before, and reading all about it, we just can't believe what you get for your money. In my opinion, Silversea Cruises are one of the most luxurious cruise lines in the world, a little like an undiscovered secret until now. We have done lots of research on this cruise line now and have found a great informational web site that tells you everything you need to know, before you go.
I was amazed to find out that all Silversea cabins onboard are not just cabins but are all suites, and are so well appointed to such a high standard, and 90% of them have private veranda's too. We have booked a Veranda Suite which will be absolutely fine for us, take a look here to see what I mean,
Another amazing fact about Silversea is that as well as being super luxury 6 star cruise ships, they are also super 'All Inclusive' too, which means absolutely everything you want to eat or drink is all included in the price and you can read about that here,
And although its 'All Inclusive' the quality of food is also second to none and on a par with what you would expect from a 6 star restaurant any where in the world,
Hopefully now you can see why we are so excited about going on this cruise. There is so much more to tell you about Silversea Cruises that I would be here all day, but if you would like to know more, take a look at this great web site I found, as they tell you much more than I could ever fit in on here.
If anyone is interested and would like me to, I would be only too happy to tell you all about our own personal experiences and give you our thoughts about Silversea, after we return from our cruise.
Oh yes, I almost forgot, I did promiss to give the travel agent that we used to book our cruise with a mention, as they were very helpful and gave us a fantastic deal too,

Best regards and happy cruising !

Martin. UK

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