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Sunday, 16 July 2006


Colin Maddocks

Scott, I'm really excited for the opportunities that Web 2.0 offers the seasoned travel agent.

As you say: "Web 2.0 and especially the blogosphere gives seasoned travel experts the opportunity to virally expand their social network by using the experiences (stories) of their current clients".

Using all the varied tools and new software that is now available means that even the smallest independent travel agent can match, and off-times beat, the big boys at their own game.

In other words offer the "virtual travel client" a truly exciting and memorable user experience.

Web travellers who can connect with knowledgeable travel experts who can offer them opinions, facts, other peoples' experiences, whether in forum, video, eBook, online testimonial form, etc, etc can really create a long-term relationship with his/her clients who will realise that they are communicating with a travel expert that loves their job and can communicate that love, knowledge and expertise.

Almost every day I am finding new mediums and great software programs that I can add to the "mix" that I can offer my online clients.

I have a mix of online video of trips undertaken, audio comments, downloadable eBooks, blog, podcast and I am still trying to catch up with the list of other things I want to add/create/use.

The difference between my small outfit and say Expedia, is that we can "think on the hoof", we can "dodge and weave" and use these new technologies and measure their effectiveness quickly. Add the good stuff take away the bad.

Scott, isnt' this a great time to be involved in one of the great industries? Travel and Tourism. Great times ahead? I thinks so.


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