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Friday, 28 July 2006



Thanks for your post about my "small family of guitars", Scott.

I love your blogs' new design, it really gives it a great look and adds to the relaxed "tone of voice" that I enjoy when reading your posts.

I'm going to take up your suggestion and try and create an MP3 of the differences between the "Baby Taylor" and the "Takamini".

Should be one for the real "guitar geeks!".

Scott Ahlsmith CTC

Thank you for the GUI compliment. I don't expect to win any design awards (I can't draw a straight line with a straight edge and when I wore socks brown and blue seemed just fine!), but I wanted a softer, more casual, and more open feeling to this blog.

The really amazing part is that I produced the banner by myself using Paint Shop Pro. As I recall, it took slightly less than 39 hours and about 400 attempts! So, thanks for noticing.


Thats amazing post.. make most nice of it ...

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