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Wednesday, 28 June 2006


Wim Nijenberg, CTC

Dear Scott:

Yes, it was quite amazing and now seeing you sitting there at the Admiral's Club makes it even more amazing!

Since "Blogs" will be very important in the future would it be possible to do another presentation the night before the Forum in Orlando on September 8th? Just an idea, however, I realize you will be busy the evening before the Forum.

Thanks again and I hope to meet you in Orlando.

All the best,


Scott Ahlsmith CTC

I agree, Blogs will continue to increase in value and potentcy. Broadcast media is too intrusive and legacy Web media is too static. Blogs seem to combine the best of both.

I just finished an article for Home Based Trade entitled, "Building a Blore." A Blore is a contraction for Blog Store. I use Tom Mahon's English Cut as a fine example of a Blore.

You're right the night before the National Forum is our Board of Trustees meeting, but the day after the Forum (Sunday) I am scheduled to present a workshop. As I recall, the topic is about branding yourself and, of course, that plays right into Blogging.

I'll check it out and post something about it.

Thank you for reading and commenting . . . .


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